Planet Access Company

Helping adults with disabilities live their fullest lives. Every purchase from Toad&Co is picked, packed and shipped by the PAC work crew.
Back in 1997 when we were still based in Chicago, we partnered with Search, Inc. to positively change the lives of adults with developmental disabilities.

Search’s mission is straightforward and admirable: To empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to achieve their full potential, accept a valued role in their community and lead rich, rewarding lives. Search provides flexible, personalized services including supported living arrangements, adult learning and employment programs, as well as medical, behavioral, therapy and home-based services.

In 1997 we partnered with Search, Inc. to found Planet Access Company (PAC). PAC is a life-skills training group that provides Search clients with training and work opportunities. It all started back when we were still making fleece hats and vests and had a lot of extra fleece scraps lying around. Thus the Camping Pillow program was born: Camping pillowcases were made entirely with recycled fleece scraps, assembled and packed by the PAC crew. PAC crewmembers were paid for their hard work and all the proceeds from sales went back to supporting PAC. A portion of the profits were used to send PAC crewmembers on much deserved vacations to the great outdoors (an idea that later blossomed into the Search For Adventure program).

The Camping Pillow program was just the beginning. Today, the PAC warehouse is a full time, third-party logistics provider that processes 100% of Toad&Co’s inventory. So every unit of Toad&Co clothing is picked, packed, and shipped with unmatched enthusiasm by the PAC work crew. PAC has been one of the greatest ongoing initiatives we’ve been part of as a company. All the proceeds from PAC help to create a more accessible planet for adults with disabilities by giving them the chance to work, live and play like the rest of us.

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