Outside Magazine Summer 2015 Buyer’s Guide

The Toad&Co Onrush SS Polo was featured in the Outside Magazine Summer 2015 Buyers Guide as Upgraded Workout Wear. “This vintage-tennis-style polo is knit from a moisture-wicking cotton-poly blend, so it shirks sweat. Go ahead and throw it in your gym bag for later – the fabric resists wrinkles, and stink-fighting treatment means you can go straight from you workout to dinner.”




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GearPatrol.com features the Arlo Apron

Gearpatrol.com featured the Arlo Apron as part of their Week in Sports and Outdoors: March 19, 2015, “If you take your cooking as seriously as your outdoor adventuring, you might be tempted to don the chef’s whites in the home kitchen. That would be gauche and maybe a little ostentatious. Think of this denim apron as the softshell of home cooking.”

Gear PatrolGear Patrol - Arlo Apron

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Organic Spa features Arlo Apron

OrganicSpa.com featured the Arlo Apron as a Finishing Touches: Eco-Accessories for Men, “When the weather is begging for an outdoor barbecue—which we declare, is every weekend from this day on—bust out this apron. It’s made of heavy-duty organic cotton denim and is bartack-reinforced.”Organic Spa

Organic Spa - Arlo Apron


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Wanderlust and Lipstick features the Arlo Apron

Wanderlust and Lipstick features the Arlo Apron.

Years ago, I had a gig working for a theatre company that was invited to the Seoul Theatre Festival. The producers of the festival gave everyone that participated a small gift package when they arrived. Most swag* (the free stuff you get at events) is usually fairly cheep, a small LED flashlight with a logo on it, maybe a baseball hat, or if you’re lucky a t-shirt. The Seoul Theatre Festival gave us all aprons, really nice aprons (with a logo of course). This is a testament to the Korean’s love of food and to a certain practicality. Nearly fifteen years later, I still have that apron. Both my wife and I use it in our kitchen and I have to admit, it has come in pretty handy.

But, all good things must come to an end. I am retiring my old apron, because the Arlo Apron by Toad and Co. is fantastic. I mean, come on, a denim apron? Tell me you don’t want one of those. Made from heavy-duty organic cotton denim with a touch (1.5% to be precise) of spandex, the Arlo Apron will definitely protect you from any errant tomato sauce, barbeque sparks, or bicycle grease.

Not only is this apron rock solid, it’s stylish. I really like the reversed denim on the adjustable straps and corner tabs. I think it looks cool. The vintage brass grommets, D-rings and buckles are also a nice design choice. They are visually pleasing and robust enough to hold up under heavy use. The main pockets on the front of the apron are large, easy to access and sturdy. But my favorite feature on this apron is the buckle on the adjustable strap. Now you don’t have to reach around your back to tie the strings like your performing some kind of magic trick. Simply grab the strap, pull it around and clip it in. Nice!

My only complaint is as follows…the chest pocket is kind of useless. It is very small and difficult to get anything in or out of. You could put some pens there, although you can’t put them in the pen slot because it is too narrow. Not only that but the pocket is sewn on at a slight angle, giving it one of those whimsical design choice vibes that says – we’re not held back by convention… look here is a pocket you can’t put anything in. Of course this won’t stop me from using the apron. Maybe I will take the to-do list that has all of the house projects I’m supposed to finish before my next trip, fold it up and put it in the very bottom of that pocket. Yes, that sounds like the perfect place for that list…

If you’re confused by the name Toad and Co. don’t be. They used to be called Horny Toad and there is a lively debate in the comments section of their website where people are weighing in on the name change. Regardless of how you feel about the name, one thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to quality. If the Arlo Apron is any indication, I’m sure they will continue producing well-built gear for years to come.”

Wanderlust and Lipstick

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Outside features the Drover Denim

Outside Magazine features the Drover Denim as an Adventure-ready Denim, “Like Goldilocks, Toad and Co. sought to get everything just right with the Drovers. These jeans are slim without being skinny, and they’re sufficiently stretchy for a quick rock scramble. The one exaggerated element: enormous front pockets, which can easily swallow an iPhone 6 Plus or a bag of trail mix.”

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine - Drover Denim


Outside - Drover Denim

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Explore Big Sky features the Earle Shirt

Explore Big Sky features the Earle Shirt in their Gift and Gear Guide, “The Earle is a timeless shirt, and one to add to your wardrobe. Made of 100% organic cotton, this marled flannel is heavy enough to keep you warm splitting wood, yet light enough to wear inside sipping coffee by the fire. And it’s the softest shirt I own.

Horny Toad has outdone itself with the Earle. This shirt has already lived up to Horny Toad’s guarantee that it will garner a compliment within three wearings. That only tool one.”

Explore Big Sky

Explore Big Sky - Earle

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OR Daily features the Enroute Shirtjac

The OR Daily features the Enroute Shirtjac, “Wind- and water-resistant, the diagonal hidden-sipper chest pockets give the EnRoute Shirjac jacket by Toad&Co a sublet, architectural look. Soft because its cotton, …”

OR Daily

OR Daily - EnRoute

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Woodsly – Winter Lookbook

Woodsly.com featured the Drover Denim in their Winter Lookbook


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FitnessTravelGear.com – Product Reviews

FitnessTravelGear.com reviews the Ursa Tunic, Rooney Dress and Dot Matrix Shirt


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The Egg Out West – the winter cling.

The Marlevelous Pullover was featured in a story on winter wear – the winter cling.


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