Design Philosophy

We believe that comfort starts on the inside
and extends to what you wear. Socially versatile, actively accommodating and responsibly built, our clothing is designed based on the balance of four elements:
comfort, function, style and responsibility.


Our clothes are meant to feel as good as they look, to grab you from the first touch and become your favorites over time. Designed to be an expression of ease, they can move easily from trail to tavern and everywhere in between.


Versatility, durability and low maintenance are paramount. Our clothes are designed to provide morning till night range, move effortlessly between environments, be easy to wear, easy to care for and age gracefully. Dress them up, drink a beer, go hiking, wash them in the motel sink – do more with less.


Our style point of view is casual, confident, low key and just the right balance between classic and on-trend. Designed to be eye-catching but understated, our clothes include hidden elements, clean-finished construction and an active modern fit. Thoughtfully considered details and well-crafted garments will never go out of style.


Minimizing our environmental impact is an integral part of our design ethos. It's an on-going, never-ending process of education, exploration and evaluation. And every bit as exciting as drawing clean lines, creating beautiful patterns and choosing pretty colors. Our goal is to make sure that we make each season better than the last.