Our Goals

We’re constantly re-examining our business practices and making improvements. Some changes are easy, some are hard, but they all count and it’s work we love doing.

FALL 2015: Light Weight Poly Bag Packaging
As much as we dislike them, poly bags are necessary to protect garments in transit. This season, we switched to one large bag instead of individual bags per garment for all of our sample shipments. To further reduce our use of plastic, we're re-designing our bags to be lighter weight and looking into moving the vent holes so the bags can have a second life as an everyday plastic bag.

SPRING 2016: 100% Organic Cotton
Cotton is a major component in many of our most popular products. Our target is to achieve 100% organic cotton in all our cotton and cotton blend fabrics by Spring 2016. Currently, 80% of our Spring 2015 collection features cotton, and of that 89% of the cotton we use is certified organic. Our organic cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards). To understand why we're committed to this goal, check out our Fabrics & Fibers page.

SPRING 2016: Smaller Reusable Poly Bag Packaging
We recently re-designed our poly bags to be lighter weight, but we think we can reduce the amount of material even further by making the bags smaller. Even a small reduction in the amount of material per bag adds up to a significant impact, and although our bags are recyclable as they are, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be reusable too.

SPRING 2017: Become a bluesign® System Partner
We are actively increasing our use of bluesign® materials and the Spring 2015 collection features seven fabrics from bluesign® system partners. We have met with bluesign® technologies and begun the process of making Toad&Co an official bluesign® system partner with the goal to be fully on board by Spring 2017. The bluesign® system manages the entire textile supply chain to reduce the environmental impacts for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and brands. This is an opportunity to increase our level of materials traceability and manage risks related to chemicals.

ONGOING INITIATIVE: 100% Recycled Polyester
We strive to use recycled fibers in our materials when the quality and performance can be maintained. We're converting more fabrics from virgin polyester to recycled polyester (RCP) every season. The majority of our polyester taffeta lining fabrics are 100% RCP. In our Fall 2015 collection the shell fabrics of our women’s outerwear garments will be RCP.