As our company grows, we’re making significant progress towards lightening
our environmental footprint, improving transparency and following more
sustainable practices.


Quality is a fundamental principle of sustainability. We make products that are long lasting in both materials and style, so your Toad&Co clothes should serve you well for years. You’ll find “Wear it out or pass it on” inside every garment on the care tag and care instructions that emphasize that our clothing is meant to be worn more, washed less. Studies suggest that 58% of the energy and 45% of the water that goes into a garment happens post-purchase. To help reduce this impact, our design philosophy and care instructions encourage high quality, low-maintenance, long-long lasting clothing. Dirty is the new clean.

eCo Fabrics & Fibers

The majority of our clothes are made using the most sustainable fibers like organic cotton, Tencel® and Modal® (eco-processed, cellulose-based fibers derived from responsibly managed, sustainably grown forest plantations). We never use acrylic, traditional rayon or viscose because of their dirty production processes. Instead, we opt for recycled polyester, non-mulesed merino wool and recycled wool, and we stopped using angora a few years back after concerns were raised about the treatment of the rabbits. We’re always striving for improvement, so as we learn more we set higher sustainability goals for each season. For detailed information and fiber content for all our fabrics, visit our Fabrics Glossary.

Office Culture

Being a responsible company includes making thoughtful decisions when it comes to day-to-day business. At headquarters, we converted all lights to LED bulbs and participate in a composting program. All the print materials we produce are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers made from a mixture of recycled paper and wood pulp from sustainably managed tree farms, not forests. We offset our energy use by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for all three of our Toad&Co locations. RECs from 3Degrees® support the development of emission-free renewable energy and carbon reduction projects.

Shipping Materials & Hangtags

We use recycled and recyclable materials in all of our packaging. Our hangtags are 100% recyclable and made from recycled card-stock. The polybags used to protect garments during transit are made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials and are further recyclable. We're currently in the process of redesigning our shipping polybags to decrease our use of plastic.


We’re constantly re-examining our business practices and making improvements across the board. Every season we strive to use recycled fibers in our materials when the quality and performance can be maintained. Every season we’re converting more fabrics from virgin polyester to recycled polyester (RCP). One of our biggest initiatives is to increase our use of bluesign® materials. The bluesign® system manages the entire textile supply chain to reduce the environmental impacts for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and brands. This is an opportunity to increase our level of materials traceability and manage risks related to chemicals.

Certifications and Industry Memberships

• We are members of the Textile Exchange, a non-profit organization that operates internationally and is committed to the responsible expansion of textile sustainability across the global textile value chain.

• We are members of the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group (OIA SWG), a group originally formed to explore issues of corporate responsibility in the outdoor industry. Today the OIA SWG is a volunteer collaboration among more than 450 outdoor industry companies working to identify sustainable business practices throughout their shared global supply chains.

• Most of our fabrics that are made with organic cotton and organic cotton blends are certified by OEKO-TEX. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent test and certification system for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances.