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Our Models Are Real People, Part 8

dweber posted this February 26th, 2013

A girl named Jake?  Damn straight.  We met her through David, our Dealer Sales Manager.  They’re kinda sweet on each other.  Coincidentally, her farm is just around the corner from our office in downtown Santa Barbara.  Intrigued?  This interview gives the full scoop:

Who are you?
I’m an animal loving, cookie batter addicted, beach volleyball enthusiast with a propensity for drinking way too much coffee.

Tell us more!
I grew up in Sacramento where I spent every minute playing sports. I attended Waldorf school and afterward went to college on a full ride basketball scholarship at University of the Pacific where I played for two years. I then took a year off from school and moved down to Santa Barbara and became a beach volleyball fanatic. After my year off, I attended SBCC and played both basketball and volleyball. A year later I transferred to UCSB where I played indoor volleyball and got a bachelors degree in Art. I continue to use my degree creating mosaics for commission. Some of which can be seen at my farm!

You’re a farmer! How and when did this happen?
I have been involved in farming most of my life. Gardening was a big part of the curriculum of my 12 year Waldorf school experience. After college I went to Europe to work on organic farms. While I was gone, my parents decided to open a commercial farm on their property and asked me to run it when I came back. Um, yes?!

What’s special about your farm (apart from the fact that’s it’s just down the street from the Horny Toad office)?
What’s unique about my farm is that I grow vertically on the roof of a house in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. I use a soilless, aeroponic growing system that allows me to grow commercially in only 700 sq ft.  The name of my farm is Chapala Gardens and we offer a really neat greens program where each week I prepare bouquets of greens available for easy pick up. Go to our website to learn more!

How did you become a Horny Toad model?
Someone on the design team asked David if I would be interested in modeling for the Spring lifestyle shoot. Dating a guy in the company really has its perks 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to eat?
I love avocados. I put avocado on EVERYTHING.

What’s your ideal way to spend a weekend?
To me, the best way to spend a weekend is playing beach volleyball and barbecuing.

What inspires you?
So many things inspire me. I’m inspired by people who are passionate about the well-being of our community. I get inspired by the way my cat, Romeo, can sleep through ANYTHING. And I am especially inspired by David. He chooses to be kind in every situation, to every person, no matter what’s going on for him, or what type of mood he is in. He inspires me to be that kind of person.

And your favorite piece of Horny Toad clothing?
The Lithe Skirt – I wear it to work in. I own four of them! my favorite way to wear them is with leggings underneath.

One Response to “Our Models Are Real People, Part 8”

  1. Your greens look beautiful. Your life story (so far)is a good one

    by Elizabeth Brito | February 28, 2013 at 2:10 pm