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The Inspiration Behind Our Spring 2013 Clothing Line

dweber posted this March 13th, 2013

Kate is our Director of Design & Sustainability.  Maybe it’s the great chocolate she’s always feeding us, or how she can make the most ordinary meeting seem fun, or her insistence that ‘beauty is not optional’ or the way all the dogs gather around her desk like she’s the fairy dogmother. Maybe it’s all of those things… but she really has a way of taking it to a whole other level.  Here’s what she has to say about our spring ’13 line:

Where did you begin with this line?
I must admit to being profoundly under the influence of a recent Italian vacation when we embarked on designing spring ’13. I loved being surrounded by great and simple beauty at every turn and the pleasure of imprecision – the easy rhythm of unstructured days, an itinerary that meandered and meals that were discovered, not scheduled. Having clothes that support this kind of experience with their functionality and imperfect, comfortable beauty is certainly part of the simple pleasure. When there is no resistance the world opens up in improbable ways.

How is this evident in the spring line?
Clean lines and crisp perspective will always inspire us. You can see it in the strong architectural influence of past seasons. We also love paradox, which is what motivated us to explore the creative space between precise structure and the overwhelming freedom of formlessness.  The disciplined aesthetic that characterized Spring ‘12 evolved this season to be softer, a little blurred around the edges and very accommodating. Only half tongue-in-cheek, we’ve named our inspiration for spring ‘13 Shapeshifter.

Why Shapeshifter?
In the most literal sense, shifting shapes include rounded, sometimes dropped or scalloped hemlines, dropped shoulders, longer, more fluid lengths, easy volume, curved seams, rounded pockets and less pointed V-necks.  For print and pattern design we drew inspiration from the ultimate shapeshifter: water.  Water is absolutely vital, takes many forms and its adaptability and fluidity provide a wonderful metaphor for a life well-lived.

But only one aspect of Shapeshifter refers to form. Its more important quality implies versatility and the ability to move effortlessly through different environments. We’ve created styles that morph to suit a life lived outdoors and in, that work and play, handle the city with confidence but love the beach, the mountains and most of all, to travel.

Want to see all these ideas in action?  Check out the full spring line for men and women on www.hornytoad.com.





2 Responses to “The Inspiration Behind Our Spring 2013 Clothing Line”

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to write and say that I have been a Horny Toad fan for many years. I was in the clothing industry for 17 years (production manager), so I know quality when I see it, and Horny Toad clothes never disappoint. I’m pleased to say that your clothes have gone on three trips with me to Costa Rica in the last year. I’m getting ready to go again in a month and I’m buying a couple of linen pieces that I think will do well on the trip. And I am even more pleased to say that when I move to Costa Rica in 3 years time, I will probably have a fair amount of Horny Toad in my closet. The pieces I have wick well, are comfortable, durable, and classically stylish. The area in Costa Rica where I bought land is remote, hot, and pretty wild but I know your clothes will withstand whatever I put them through! Thanks for making such great clothes!

    June Martin

    by June Martin | March 16, 2013 at 10:16 am

  2. Hi June! Thanks so much for your kind words! We love hearing about people’s adventures (especially the ones they have in their Horny Toad clothing). If you feel like sending us a pic or dropping us a line after your upcoming Costa Rica trip we’d sure welcome it. Email address is: content at hornytoad dot com

    Thanks again! Love, The Family Toad

    by sohlson | March 26, 2013 at 11:06 am