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Sustainability Update: Angora

dweber posted this Monday, January 13th, 2014

If you know us, then you know we are committed to be socially responsible and to constantly improve our environmental performance. Steadily reducing our impact is something we take seriously.  As we discover new information about things we should do better, we change. Transparency and the willingness to make inconvenient choices are a big part of that.

Our best selling sweater is made from a soft, warm, cozy blend of lamb’s wool, angora and a dash of nylon, all boiled down to lightweight perfection. We were alarmed when, very recently, our sweater supplier became aware that certain angora farmers in China use methods that are cruel and inhumane to the rabbits while collecting their hair.

Our supplier subsequently tracked down their sources, who submitted information (including images) showing humane treatment of their rabbits. While this is good information and shows that different suppliers in China can have widely varying practices, we have decided it best to move away from using angora hair. We’re changing the fiber content of our popular B’wool fabric to one that is 100% non-mulesed merino wool only. Our wool is certified to be non-mulesed merino wool and and we’ve worked hard to make sure the new fabric feels wonderful, looks beautiful and performs as well or better than the prior one. We’re confident this is the right direction, both in the practice of sustainability and quality.

We appreciate your business and friendship and promise to keep holding ourselves to the highest social and environmental standards possible.


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Heartfelt Letter

dweber posted this Thursday, September 19th, 2013

A letter from our brilliant intern Helena, who just left for college.  If you’re looking forward to sweater weather too, check out her favorite: the Heartfelt Blanket Hoodie.