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We ♡ Samba230

dweber posted this Sunday, September 20th, 2015


Our favorite Samba fabric just captured our hearts all over again. A cool-weather twist on our favorite year-round knit, Samba 230 (grams, that is) offers 30% more weight for colder temps, more coverage and more Samba love. Made from a mix of eco-friendly Tencel®, feel-good organic cotton and a hint of stretchy spandex, we knew we loved Samba from first touch. So with Samba 230, there’s even more to love.

Samba 230 is 55% organic cotton (that’s where the heft comes from), 39% Tencel (that’s the silky-soft part) and 6% spandex (so you’re always feeling comfy). And to top it all off, Samba 230 is just about as environmentally friendly as they come.

Organic cotton farming starts with GMO-free seeds and follows practices that maintain soil health, conserve water and support biodiversity. And Tencel® is an eco-chic dream come true: This cellulosic fiber is derived from eucalyptus trees (which grow in soil that specifically cannot be used for food crops) in a closed-loop production process. Efficient, clean and 98% of the by-products are recovered and reused. What’s not to love?

Slip Away for the Day

dweber posted this Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Just another example of how doing what feels good equals doing good…

Here’s the deal: if clothing companies want to be totally honest, they’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as truly sustainable fabric – but fabrics made with sustainably produced fibers are a step in the right direction. Clean cellulose-based fibers such as Tencel® and Modal® are among those steps. Tencel® comes from eucalyptus and Modal® from beech trees. Both are forests that don’t require artificial irrigation, and both are crops that can be cultivated on land that’s unsuitable for food production.

If you’ve never worn Modal®, be prepared to fall in love. It’s silky soft, has great drape and feels sensual on the skin.  It’ll be a go-to on any road trip and will still look great, even if it’s washed a hundred times and left by the side of a swimming hole all afternoon.  And – as if you need one more reason to love it – Modal’s® production process uses most of its by-product for such things as wood sugar xylose (for use in the sweetener Xylitol) and sodium sulphate (for washing powder).  Check out a few Horny Toad styles that use Modal®:  Penumbra Dress; Delectable Lounger Pant; Lilt T Top.

Tencel® is equally swoon-worthy and shares Modal’s® durability, luxurious drape and great feel. Its moisture-wicking performance qualities are similar to treated polyester, making it a good candidate for both athletic and street-wear.  Why is Tencel’s® functionality so awesome?  Eucalyptus creates water-loving fibers that quickly absorb and transport moisture away from the skin, that’s why.  Isn’t nature rad?  Plus the solvent in Tencel’s® closed-loop production cycle gets recycled by 99.7%.  Wanna check out some of our Tencel®- happy styles?  Try these: Chilena Skirt; Cipher Pant; Zennie Jacket.