Anacapa Island

By dweb247 on November 19th 2012

Last week we joined the Channel Island Restoration crew for a day of work at Anacapa Island. We like to think of it as a doing good/finding fun cocktail smoothie.

We headed out early in the morning on a work boat packed to the brim with supplies. Trying our hand at whale calls and dolphin chatter sure is a sweet way to start the day. (There were a few dolphin and seal sightings but, despite our efforts, no whales.)

Once we arrived, some of us were put to work pulling invasive ice plants. These are often interspersed with native grasses we hope to save.

And some of us were put to work planting native species grown in the island’s own nursery. It’s amazing to experience an ecosystem that is so fragile yet so resilient.

Really, we couldn’t ask for a better hard day’s work out of the office!

Plus, it gave us a chance to put our Cipher Pants to the test.