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Tuesday Toad Profile: Amy

dweber posted this May 17th, 2011

Amy is a Portland Toad, which means we don’t get to see her shining face every day here at our Santa Barbara headquarters.  But seriously, it would be hard to make it through the day without a dose of her great sense of humor (hard to convey over email!) and rock-steady level-headedness.  And when she does make it down south, we just love going out for margaritas with her.  Because a little tequila + Amy = really funny stories about growing up in the country.

Name/nickname: Gamer, Ames, Amy Jo
Job: Sr. Producer (aka anything web related)

Favorite meal ever? mom’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, sourdough biscuits with blackberry jelly (yes, I’m a country girl…)

What’s your favorite Toad product? Rhumba Wrap, LOVE this, use it all the time but especially any time I have to get on a plane

Where’s the next place you’d like to visit? Anywhere in Italy

Which do you prefer?:
Surf/Ski – surf
Cat/Dog – dogs
Soul patch/Full beard – neither! not a fan of facial hair
Salty/Sweet – yes please
Sunrise/Sunset – sunset
Water/Mountains – Water
Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate
Bike/Car – Car, just got a Golf TDI and it’s too fun to drive
Yoga/Run – Run

Words of wisdom? It’ll all be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

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