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What do you call the week between Christmas and the New Year?

Team Toad posted this December 27th, 2010

SlackMas? Restivus? It’s not quite a holiday, so most of us don’t officially get that week off, but for many of us, there’s not much actual work happening either. As the old year ends and a new year looms large on the horizon, we’re all hardwired to take a deep breath, seek out relaxation and have a little good, clean fun.

With that in mind, the Family Toad compiled a list of some things we recommend you consider doing this week:

10. Stay in your pajamas, and work from home (if you can get away with it).
9. Sleep in every morning and have coffee in bed.
8. Start to think about those New Years resolutions… but not too much.
7. Become your dog’s best friend again.
6. Take a hike every day.
5. Watch your favorite guilty pleasure movies for the fourth or fifth time. (Some HT perennial favorites are The Point, My Dinner with Andre, The Family Stone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Big Wednesday and Annie Hall).
4. Detox from all the holiday parties. Pace yourself for New Years Eve.
3. Chill with a good book. The trashier the better.
2. Perfect a good soup recipe.
1. Tackle that one honey-do that’s been sitting there since last summer just so you can say you accomplished something this week.

How about you? How will you make the most (or least) of the Restivus break?

One Response to “What do you call the week between Christmas and the New Year?”

  1. I love spending that time of year with all my family that are able 2 gather. I hang out with my nephews and do craft project presents,
    and play wIth new toys, bake cookies, cook favorite meals for family enjoyment. I do sewing projects with my Mom, sleep late & stay up late watching my collection of Peanut’s Specials, old Warner Bros. Cartoons, ORIGINAL Grinch, Christmas Story..etc. THIS year I got 2 build a snow fort w my brother and nephews, including the snow ball insanity of fun! Even made snow angels & had Appalachian Snow Cream-YUM! It was a perfect shining moment of innocence in the boys childhood, participating reminded me of the REAL, original basis of Yule season. Celebrate & commiserate the past year, both harvest & losses, to give thanks for our blessings, great & small; most of all, plan the New Year to be better than this one was!. Both boys (at 8 & 10) still believe in Santa, so we baked Santa cookies! They even believed their aunties prank-that Maggie their loyal border collie (who,due to age & arthritis, probably won’t see another Yule season,sadly) Maggie gave them a present, a Star Wars Lego set! When they asked how Maggiet earned the money, I replied that they got an allowance, therefore so did she! The oldest was very serious when he earnestly replied “Aunt Cassandra, she gets Milkbones, THAT’S her allowance!”. I’ve spent some hilarious hours trying 2 remember how 2 solve a Rubicks Cube, a gift from Mom! Thanks Mom! SO…as a name, I would have 2 call mine LAZIVUS!…pehaps Contemplativus? Better – Lazivus Contemplativus! Enjoy it while you can! I sure did!

    by Cassandra Ofee | January 18, 2011 at 3:03 am