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Wild Roots

dweber posted this September 27th, 2011

If you had spent your kindergarten days outside learning how to identify flora and fauna and the rhythms of nature, do you think your life would be different now?  Wild Roots is a preschool and kindergarten here in Santa Barbara that that follows such a curriculum.  The teachings are rich in life sciences (such as identifying skunk dung and other activities revered by most five-year-olds), and the school aims to create a sense of belonging between children, families, community and the land.

Wild Roots meets in local, natural spaces. The ratio of students to teachers is very small, and classes are infused with songs, games, poetry, stories, and plays. According to the educators who inspired the Wild Roots curriculum, this creative work develops a keen memory, a rich vocabulary, the foundation for reading comprehension and a strong sense of planetary rhythm.

We learned about Wild Roots from our friend Erin, a creative force behind Interviews 50 Cents, who also happens to have founded the school.  If you live in Santa Barbara and want to learn more, Wild Roots will have a booth at the Sol Food Festival on Oct 1st.  Coincidentally, the Sol Food festival is coordinated by our friends at Loa Tree and the Orella Stewardship Institute.  Talk about the awesome interconnectedness of community!

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