End of Summer Bucket List

Summer is winding down, folks! Friends are returning from their travels, dumping sand from their beach bags and digging out binders and laptops. With only a few weeks left until Labor Day, it's almost time to trade our white pants for sturdy denim and replace flowing linen with cozy flannel... But Summer isn't over quite yet! So spend these last three weeks ticking things off your Bucket List. Be a kid again - have a water balloon fight, spend all day riding your bike, set up a slip'n'slide - embrace spontaneity. Here's what's on our End of Summer Bucket List:

Bonfire, Baby

Bonfires are the epitome of summer. Fun at any age and a perfect way to spend hours just hanging out - no screens necessary. Head to your nearest beach (make sure bonfires are allowed there) or find a nice backyard with a fire pit, and crack open some local brews. Don’t forget the 'mallows, chocolate and graham crackers though - a bonfire isn’t a true bonfire without s’mores. Enjoy the warmth of the crackling flames and the bright laughter of your friends and family late into the night. photo-1445888761652-fc13cbb0d819

Sleep Under the Stars

When was the last time you slept outside, your only roof the deep indigo sky and thousands of stars? Can't remember? Now's the time to change that. Make it easy and roll out a sleeping bag in your backyard, or find someplace a little more wild to rest your head. Being outside as night deepens, falling asleep to the sound of crickets chirping, waking up to pure sunshine... that's what summer dreams are made of. Go ahead, sleep outside your comfort zone. 2015_Great_Basin-5833

Find a Swimming Hole and Cannonballlllllllll!

There are few things more perfect than jumping into a beautiful pool of water on a hot day. You're surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes and the thrill of being a little wild gets your heart pumping. And don't just take our word for it, swimming holes are scientifically proven to be 123% more fun than normal swimming pools (Source: 2016 survey of office Toads). To find a swimming hole near you, check out our friends at RootsRated for suggestions. 2015_Great_Basin-6757

Go From Trail To Tavern (and maybe another tavern)

Go take a hike—and we mean that in the kindest way possible. Find an awesome trail in your area, gather up some friends, pack some snacks and plenty of water, and get your sweat on. Afterward, mosey on over to the best tavern in town - no matter how dirty and sweaty you are. That's the beauty of our trail to tavern ethos - no costume changes or freshening up, just you, nature and a much deserved beer at the end of the trail! br

The Great Shooting Star Smackdown

There's something about wrapping up in a cozy blanket and staring up at the night sky that is purely restorative. And then there's the pressure of spotting more shooting stars than your date. All is fair in love and war, right? Pack a bottle of wine, get the heck out of dodge and set your sights on the heavens. Not sure which one is the North Star? Can't find Orion's Belt? Check out Stargazing 101 for your quick fix (PS - it's okay you can't find Orion's Belt - it's a winter constellation!). Whether you're an astrology expert or can barely find the Big Dipper, staring up at the sky and searching for shooting stars will be a highlight of your summer. 2015_Great_Basin-3390

Go On a (Mini) Road Trip

Let's get one thing straight: There’s no wrong time for a road trip. Take some extra "you time" while you still can and just hit the road. If you’re feeling a longer trip, we have some suggestions. Even if you only have a weekend, head towards a cool town or national park that’s nearby. Turn off your phone, crank up the tunes and get in the road trip state of mind. Find a weird roadside attraction like The World’s Biggest Brick (hint: it’s in Alabama) and snag some regional eats along the way (and always stop for boiled peanuts). Toss in your favorite old CD and enjoy the journey. Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.14.51 AM copy

Trending Now: Volunteering!

If you haven't volunteered this summer, do yourself a favor and spend an afternoon giving back. There are all sorts of ways you can volunteer - with local veterans, city parks, back country trails, animal shelters, library programs - and all of them will leave you feeling pretty darn good. Head to your local outdoor retailer and the floor staff will point you in the right direction; they might even hit the trail with you for an afternoon of conservation. It'll be the best thing you did all summer and might even become your new fall hobby! tr