Choose QuadPay at checkout

Easy Signup

Choose QuadPay as your payment method at checkout. All you need is your credit or debit card and there's no hidden fees.

QuadPay works with debit and credit cards

Fast Approval and Shipment

No long forms to fill out and you'll find out right away if you're approved. Everybody hates waiting...

Pay over 4 payments and enjoy your purchase straight away.

Pay Over 4 Payments

You're order ships right away. Never any interest or fees when you pay on time. First payment due same day, then 3 ayments occur every 2 weeks.

What is QuadPay?

QuadPay is a service that allows our customers to place an order on our store for the goods they want now, and break their payment up into four, interest-free, payments that are paid out over a 6 week period.

How do I use QuadPay?

Just shop and proceed through checkout as usual. When prompted, select QuadPay as your payment method. You will be taken to the QuadPay website to login or, if you are a new user, to register your account. You will then provide payment details to QuadPay. Once you have been approved and have completed registration, you will be directed back to your cart to complete your order. That’s it!

Is there a fee to use QuadPay?

No, there is never a fee for using QuadPay as long as payments are on-time. Quadpay only charges a $7 fee on a late payment that’s overdue. A further $7 fee will be charged if payment is still overdue 7 days after the original payment due date. $14 is the maximum a customer will ever be charged for an individual order.

Can anyone use QuadPay?

Nearly! QuadPay requires you to be 18 and older, have a US wireless number, and a US debit or credit card (cannot be a pre-paid card).

Can I pay with QuadPay if I am an international customer?

Unfortunately, QuadPay is only eligible to US customers at this time.

How does the QuadPay payment schedule work?

You will be required to make your first payment installment at the time of purchase. The remaining balance will be deducted automatically every 2 weeks from the payment method given at sign-up. You can always make unscheduled payments before your due date through your QuadPay account. You can login to your QuadPay account to manage payments at anytime.

Does QuadPay run my credit?

No, QuadPay never performs a hard credit check on a customer and there is no impact on your credit rating by using QuadPay. QuadPay only requires your date of birth, mobile phone number, and debit or credit card.

How do I return or exchange an item paid for with QuadPay?

You will process your return/exchange the same way as a normal return. If there is a refund amount due for your return, Toad&Co will issue the refund to QuadPay. If there is an outstanding balance for your Quadpay order, the refund will be deducted from this amount. Any additional amount due will still follow your same payment schedule. Have any other questions about refunds? Checkout