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    Sybil Slim Cord

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    Style Number: T1441803


    Our Sybil Slim Cord is a chameleon who can be anything you want her to be. Sophisticated or sporty, she's up for pairing with your favorite tops for work, play and fall getaways. Super-soft organic cotton keeps her super-comfortable. Our hidden stretchy waistband in the back stops gapping in its tracks.


    • FlexForm Waistband Technology
    • Stretch movement
    • Moisture-wicking
    • Wash-and-wear easy care
    • Five-pocket styling
    • Mid-rise, slim fit
    • 31" length

    Fabric: Stretch Cordette

    75% Organic Cotton 23% Polyester 2% Spandex

    This fine 21-wale corduroy may look dainty, but it’s a workhorse in disguise. Warmly textured but lightweight with easy drape and stretch, and cross-dyed for great visual effect. Cord doesn’t get much better than that.

    Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. See garment tags for additional details.

    Our Guarantee

    If you don't get a compliment within three wearings or if you find something wrong with your Toad&Co garment, we'll take it back and make it right.

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      You struck a perfect cord!!



      Wish I could give these 10 stars! These cords are simply the best...I get so many compliments on them! They fit well in all the right places (nice trim legs, no gap in the back of the waistband, wonderful drape, comfortable all around) and have just enough stretch without getting saggy (I'm able to wear them several times before washing and they always look fresh, even three days in). Perfection!

      Sybil Slim Cord...nothing compares to you



      I've been looking for a quality corduroy pant for quite some time, but none have quite measured up...until I found these, and I love them so much I purchased multiple pairs. They dress up nicely, and I wear them to work regularly, but they look just as at home on the weekends running errands and taking life outside. Plus, it feels awesome to wear a piece of clothing that's made responsibly and sold by a conscientious company that supports environmental sustainability and positive change in this world. I'm so ridiculously happy to have found the perfect cord...thank you, Toad & Co.! Keep up the good work!




      These cords are exceptionally comfy and look AMAZING on...somehow they create a flattering, lean look. Slim, stretchy enough, but not too much--they don't stretch out or sag like most cords are prone to doing. They have a nice weight and even though they seem thin and drape-y, they're nice and cozy to wear on a chilly day...but I love 'em so much, I'll be wearing them into spring and summer, as well. Best cords I've ever known, and I've known some. Wish I had a hundred pairs...




      How did you come up with these genius cords???!!! They're nothing less than perfection, uh-mazing! I've been looking for a pair of cords with the perfect fit in all the right places (with no embarrassing gap in the back of the waistband), and just the right drape...these cords are a dream come true. They're not bulky like most cords, but have a nice delicate and super-flattering texture that skims the body without adding awkward bulk. Really wish I'd discovered these sooner! Making up for it now...bought multiple pairs. P.S. Love the neutral colors! You're AWESOME Toad & Co.!

      Tall women beware; different from last year



      These are nice pants, but the inseam is 30", which just doesn't work for me even in a slim style (I'm 5'10", 145lbs, size 10). I bought these same pants last year and they had a 32" inseam then. There are other minor style differences (a notch in the back waistband in the previous version) that don't make much of a difference, but the length really changed. The pants have held up okay, but not really well, after a year of wear. The corduroy "stripes" have started to wear off in areas of heavy wear like the knees.

      By: Toad & Co

      Mary- Thanks for your feedback! Moving forward we will look to call out differences in previous season product when they have the same or similar name. Sorry the current season inseam doesn't work as well for you. Luckily the cuffed/rolled look is in! ;)