10 Not-So-Basic Fall Activities

We get it: fall can be an acquired taste. For those who prefer chili cook offs over pumpkin patches, here are 10 of our favorite not-so-basic fall activities… and the beverages to go with them (because, why not?).
  1. Backyard Chili Cook Off – Best paired with a cold one, the only question is what spice combo are you going to use?
  2. Mushroom Foraging – ‘Tis the season! Enlist a guide or join a tour to safely see what’s local to you. Enjoy a hot toddy afterwards while deciding on a recipe for dinner.
  3. Arts & Crafts Night: Build a Pumpkin Keg – When you’re an adult but still want to carve a pumpkin. Add a tap and fill ‘er up with a bourbon cider. Speaking of which…
  4. Cider Pressing (and spiking) – You probably know the drill: pick 'em and press ‘em. But then spice (or spike) them. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, or, how about some whiskey?
  5. Antiquing – Head to the flea market or that local shop with funky fixtures stacked to the ceiling (every neighborhood has one). Enjoy an Old Fashioned – and your new finds – when you’re done.
  6. Fall Foliage Backpacking – Hike your favorite trail and set-up camp with some hot water, spiced butter, and rum for a hot buttered rum and leaf peeping adventure.
  7. Season Pie Contest Party – Apple, pear, cranberry, pumpkin, pomegranate… No matter which flavor you bake, a party means you’ll get a sampling of every option. Pair with prosecco and you’re in for a deliciously fun night.
  8. Ghost Tour – What’s the infamous legend in your town? Hop aboard a local ghost tour, then mix up some hot chocolate – pumpkin liqueur optional – for a sweet treat after.
  9. Host a Murder Mystery Party – Was it Susan with the rope in the kitchen? Pour a glass of wine, or share a stout, and take a stab at whodunnit. 
  10. Get Out of Town – Hey, it’s spring in the southern hemisphere! So fall isn’t your thing – we got you (we even have a Summer Sale on). Add some fresh fruit to your favorite beachy drink and soak up the rays for a little bit longer.