Feel Good Clothes

Getting dressed should make you feel good. It's why we're serious about our Joy-Backed Guarantee: If you don't get a compliment within three wearings or your Toad&Co clothes don't bring you joy, we'll make it right.

But compliments are just one small piece of the feel-good puzzle. At the risk of stating the obvious, you can't feel good if you're uncomfortable. So we make our clothes with features like sneaky stretch, comfortable waistbands, soft fabrics, and bra-friendly straps. As our designer Helena has said, "If it's not incredibly comfy, forget it.

That's not all. We make sure feeling good is way more than skin deep with every piece of clothing we produce. So what does that look like?

Sustainable Sourcing, Materials and Processes Only

From where and how we source our fibers, to our long-standing factory relationships and manufacturing processes, to how we ship our product – we make the most ethical and sustainable choices possible. It's not always easy, but it's right, and you can feel good knowing we're doing our very best for the planet every step of the way. 

1% of our Sales go to Good Doing Non-Profits

Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we give back to organizations that support the planet and its people, and regularly get our hands dirty volunteering as a company. You can find 1% for the Planet member companies across all kinds of industries (you can even join as an individual member!) so look for the logo anytime you shop to know you're supporting a brand that gives back. 

We Work to Make the Outdoors More Accessible for Everyone

We believe everyone should get to experience the magic that is getting outside and experiencing nature. Through partnerships with organizations like Brave Trails, Wilderness Inquiry, and Move SB (to name a few), we donate (funds and time), hold employee diversity trainings, and attend lunch and learns with various speakers and educators. We acknowledge that getting outside can be completely life-changing, so why limit that access to certain groups? 

Call us crazy, but we think people who feel good are happier, have more fun, and more likely to pay the good vibes forward. To us, a Toad&Co t-shirt, or shirt, or dress is more than just that – it's something that was painstakingly designed to make sure whoever's wearing it feels good every single time they do – from the inside out.