Our Packaging Journey

Packaging Needs a Makeover

Real talk: Packaging is one of the biggest sustainability hurdles we face. There were 131 billion packages shipped worldwide in 2020 – and this number is expected to double in the next five years. With no signs of this slowing, we’re focusing on doing everything we can to lessen our impact when it comes to shipping and packaging.

Meet Our Reusable Mailer


We teamed up with LimeLoop (leaders of a shipping revolution, NBD) to offer a solution to single-use packaging – the reusable shipper. And yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

Choose the “Reusable Shipper” option at checkout, and we’ll send your clothes in a durable mailer with a prepaid return label – just drop it back in the mail so we can use it again (and again and again…). Easy peasy, plus points for the planet!

(PS: if you don’t see the reusable shipper option, we’re fresh out…but don’t stress, you’ll get your package in 100% recycled paper packaging printed with water-based or algae ink instead.)


Dear Plastic, It's Over

We’ve committed to removing all our plastic-based product packaging by 2026. But we’ll be honest, it’s not going to be easy. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Responsible Packaging Movement

Breaking up with plastic is no small feat, and like many things in life, it’s easier with friends who have your back. We’re a founding member of the Responsible Packaging Movement: a collaborative working group of likeminded brands and nonprofits working together to push the industry towards more sustainable packaging.

Paper Polybag Alternatives

We’ve partnered with the environmental stewards at Vela to test their widely recyclable, FSC certified paper bags as alternatives to plastic polybags – and looking to scale their distribution quickly (as in, swap out all our existing polybags for these paper gems).

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The Details Matter

Responsible packaging goes beyond the big stuff. We’ve reduced the size of our product hangtags to create less paper waste during printing, attach them to your clothes with twine and loop to eliminate plastic, and only use 100% FSC certified paper.

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