When you order something from Toad&Co's website, select the "LimeLoop Mailer" option at checkout and your order will arrive in a reusable package. HOW? Magic. (Not really, we'll explain that in a minute). Why? Because roughly 165 billion packages are shipped in the U.S. each year, which equals more than 1 billion trees and 140 billion gallons of water used. That's a real downer. But luckily there's a solution: we've partnered with LimeLoop to offer customers a sustainable shipping method. (Currently we only offer it for shipments in the continental U.S.) Meet our re-usable shipper—we think you'll be smitten. (PS – If we're fresh out of reusable shippers, you can always reuse our cardboard boxes and recycled paper mailers. They're great for garden or compost mulch!)


It's pretty simple. If you want to be part of the renewable revolution, follow these steps to receive your clothes in our new game-changing reusable shipping bag:

  1. When you checkout, choose shipping option: 0-Reusable LimeLoop Mailer. (If you don't see the reusable option, just check out as normal. We're temporarily out of mailers, and we'll use our standard recycled packaging.)

  2. We'll ship your new clothes in a reusable package that looks just like the one above.

  3. When your order arrives, take out your new threads and give yourself a high five.

  4. PLEASE RETURN THE SHIPPER! Stick the return label in the clear pouch on the front.

  5. Returning something? Include any items you need to return (we'll include instructions, too), and stick the return label in the clear pouch on the front.

  6. Drop the shipper in your mailbox.

  7. When we get it back, we'll use it again (and again and again). Win for you, win for the planet.


"Can Online Retail Solve Its Packaging Problem?" - Fast Company

"Instead of cramming a cardboard box into the recycle bin or debating whether a bubble wrap envelope is considered garbage or not, participating customers can simply flip over the included return label and leave the reusable package at the mailbox." - SNEWS

"As someone who does a heapload of shopping online, I'm often left with a heapload of boxes and poly mailers. Although I use some of them for my own purposes, the vast majority end up going into the trash can. Just last week, I was thinking to myself that there has to be a better way... Packaging might not be glorious, but it’s important – perpetual issues are often solved by starting with the basics. Thank you for taking a concrete step toward reducing the wasteful packaging problem, and for standing by your word." - Toad&Co customer


No need to worry. We're committed to sourcing the most environmentally friendly packaging that meets our needs to protect the product. We commit to incorporating as much recycled material as possible, reducing plastic wherever we can, using 100% certified paper products (Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative), staying informed on new innovative opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, and collaborating with all relevant stakeholders (in and out of our industry) to further packaging best practices beyond our individual impact.