Since we got our start in the early 90s (yep, two-way pagers were all the rage), we've been big on enjoying the simple things in life, embracing the unexpected, and letting go every once in a while. It keeps our spirits high and gives us the energy to focus on the things that matter... like working to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone, sourcing the most sustainable materials, partnering with the cleanest factories, and looking for new ways to do more with less.

From our California headquarters to storefronts across the country, we do our part to be good neighbors everywhere you find us – and we're proud to have been named to Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work" 14 times. Whether we're kayaking or kicking back, we try to do it with the lowest impact and an optimistic spirit. It's our way of doing good for the planet and people in the pursuit of joy.

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