Organic Cotton Clothing

We’re proud to report that 100% of our cotton is either organic or recycled, and we’re committed to staying that way.

Why choose organic cotton clothing?

Certified organic cotton is grown without the use of GMOs and toxic chemicals (meanwhile, conventional cotton production uses 16% of insecticides worldwide). It also utilizes crop rotation to maintain soil health and relies heavily on rain water instead of irrigation. Simply put, wearing clothes made from organic cotton means safer processes for people, plants, and the planet.

What makes organic cotton a great fabric?

There’s nothing quite like the feel of natural fibers on your skin. Organic cotton is super breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for. When you compare it to polyester or other synthetic fibers, the benefits are endless – it’s way softer and releases odor molecules better (aka less stank). 

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Where is our organic cotton clothing made?

Our organic cotton clothing is made from cotton grown in Turkey, India, and China – with our biggest factory partner being Egedeniz Textile. We’ve worked with Egedeniz – the first certified organic textile company of Turkey – for 20 years. They’re known for managing the whole process, from growing to manufacturing, all within the same country… ensuring traceability and reduced fuel usage for transport. They also have progressive initiatives regarding solar energy, job training for women trying to get into the workforce, and they plant 1,000 trees annually to offset their carbon emissions. 

What's the deal with organic cotton in conversion?

We introduced organic cotton in conversion in early 2023 and are excited to keep it rolling in the coming years. Think of it as organic-in-the-making – these fibers are sourced from farms that are making the shift to organic processes but aren’t certified yet (the certification process takes years). As we support these partners in their transition to certified organic cotton, it helps make sustainable options more accessible to all… driving the industry into a more sustainable future.

Organic Cotton FAQ's

We love organic cotton for many reasons. It grows straight from the earth so it’s as natural as it gets. As a fabric, it’s breathable and helps keep you cool; super soft (less irritating, stiff, or clingy than other fabrics); and absorbent, moving moisture away from your skin. It also releases odor molecules better than polyester, resulting in less stink (yup) and is easy to wash and care for.

The research says yes. Those with skin sensitivities typically prefer organic cotton clothes because they’re hypoallergenic, breathable, and comfortable against the skin. 

Yup! Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics you can find because it has a natural ability to permit airflow.

Organic cotton is easy to care for and doesn’t need a lot of special instructions (file under: more reasons to love it), but we still always recommend checking the care label on your item first. For all clothes, we recommend only washing when necessary to extend their longevity (plus, washing less is way better for the planet and your energy bills). For organic cotton, you can typically wash on a cold gentle cycle to keep your clothes in tip top shape the longest and it helps to pretreat stains before putting in the washing machine.


Eco Fibers or Bust

Not all clothes are created equal which is why we are committed to making clothes with eco-friendly materials you can feel and look good in.


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