Hemp Clothing

Why choose hemp clothing?

There’s a lot to love about hemp – one of our favorite strains to roll with. As a crop, its environmental impact is low, thanks to being predominantly rain-fed and requiring no harsh chemical herbicides or GMO seeds to grow. Plus, it returns nutrients it takes from the soil, helping to decontaminate the environment (phytoremediation, if you really want to nerd out on it). Cool, right?

What makes hemp a great fabric?

When the hemp fiber is made into clothes, the good times just keep on coming. Hemp fabric is naturally breathable, absorbent, durable, anti-static, and anti-microbial (read: anti-stank). Plus, your hemp clothes get softer and even better the more you wear them. And when we blend it with other fibers like organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell? Chef’s kiss.

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Where is hemp clothing made?

Our hemp fibers are processed close to the field where they’re grown (“near sourcing” if you want to get technical). The factory partner we work with to make the hemp clothes runs on solar power, is bluesign® certified, and provides home buying assistance to employees (and pays fair wages, obvs). It also launched its own foundation which supports people with disabilities (a mission near and dear to our hearts, too).

Hemp Clothing FAQ's


Eco Fibers or Bust

Not all clothes are created equal which is why we are committed to making clothes with eco-friendly materials you can feel and look good in.


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