2020 New Year's Resolutions

We at Toad subscribe to the "more" philosophy of New Year's Resolutions - Instead of "less meals out," we say "more butter!" Instead of "become a morning person," we say "more sunrises!" Thinking in terms of more vs. less is the glass half full approach that makes us feel like we're achieving rather than failing (look it up, it's science). Here are some more of our New Year's resolutions and tips for turning them into good habits for 2020!

  • More oysters
  • Explore a new town (bonus points for taking public transit)
  • Sleep outside once/month (well, try to...)
  • Pet more dogs
  • Re-use ziplock bags
  • Adopt a vinyl habit
  • Become obsessed with your reusable coffee thermos
  • Compost!!
  • Play hooky
  • Hug a tree (yes, hug it, and thank it for its years of service)
  • Try a new food
  • Volunteer 12 hours (that's just 1/hr month!)
  • Stretch while brushing your teeth
  • Switch to reef-safe sunscreen
  • Buy something from a local store (*see "Adopt a vinyl habit" for inspiration)
  • More sunrises and more sunsets
  • Plant something and watch it grow
  • Send a letter (whoa.... letters??)
  • Get your photos developed (locally, if you can)
  • Sharpen your kitchen knives
  • Re-read your favorite book from high school
  • Find a theme song (if none come to mind, use "Eye of the Tiger")
  • DIY hot sauce
  • Drink more water
  • Don't sweat the small stuff

Happy 2020 from the Toads!