Après Cocktail Recipes

Après-ski (ä-ˌprā-ˈskē)
Noun, often attributive
Social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing

Hitting the slopes is fun. But let’s face it, what happens in the lodge after the ski/board session is where the real magic begins. And to assist your noble efforts of enjoying a nice bevy after a day of sliding down frozen mountains, we’ve mixed up a few cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to warm your bones.

  1. European Tea: Combine hot chocolate with pu-erh tea and vodka. Then top it off with a dash (or more) of whipped cream for a cold night delight

  2. Hot Apple Ginger Toddy: Boil a pot of hot apple cider and mix in your favorite bourbon with lemon and ginger for a deluxe take on an aprés ski classic.

  3. Wine & Chocolate: You love wine, you love hot chocolate. Mix them together and watch worlds collide. 

  4. Irish Vanilla Laté: You won’t find this at your local coffee shop. Just sprinkle cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg into a mixture of Irish cream and bourbon. 

  5. Butterbeer: Don’t worry beer drinkers, this one's for you. Combine a dash of melted butter with a stout of your choice. Sounds strange, but we promise it is delightful. 

As always, enjoy your beverages responsibly. Recipes inspired by Brit + Co