Day 11 Advent: Best Letters to Santa

Ahhh the classic letter to Santa. The blank canvas on to which children can paint their hopes and dreams, air some grievances or beg forgiveness for the "naughty times" (no judgement, we've all been there). But make no mistake, writing letters to Santa is important business. For Day 11 of our 25 Days of Toad Advent Calendar we've gotten a few letters back from the big man himself, just to share some of our favorites. Check back tomorrow for more advent fun and don't forget to put your letters in the mail! dragon-izismile-630x509-600x484 prrof o-jessica-swartz-amezcua-570 enhanced-buzz-6809-1355957499-2 santa-letter-14 santa-letter-20 slide_386698_4643596_free slide_386698_4701742_free