Designed for Good Diaries: Kristina

You probably don't give much thought to warehouses. But we don't have your average warehouse. In 1997, we co-founded the Planet Access Company in Chicago to provide adults with developmental disabilities with job training and career opportunities in a full-functioning warehouse. We're proud so say we've had hundreds of PAC employees and apprentices over the last 20 years, and the warehouse now serves multiple brands. From new shipments to returns, every Toad&Co item is processed with unmatched enthusiasm by the PAC warehouse crew. Meet Kristina, a Returns Specialist since October 2015, and one of our stellar PAC employees. Q: Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do for fun? A: My name is Kristina and I live in Skokie, IL. I like to go bowling, hang out with friends, go to movies and go to sleepovers. I like to exercise and celebrate the holidays with family. Q: What do you like about your job? A: I like to work with the co-workers – I like to process the clothes and try something new. I do web returns, process clothes, and put them in the right bins. I make sure they are not damaged. I make sure there is no mistake and I highlight the information on the paperwork and put them in my folder – I try to double check it each time. Q: What is different for you now that you have a job? A: Well, I am learning a lot of new things and learning new stuff on the computer – and it pays good money. Q: Why is it important for you to have a job? A: Because then you can apply for different jobs in the community. That’s why it is important to listen to your boss and not argue with them and you have to clock in at the right time and clock out at the right time. Q: Why is it important for businesses to hire people with disabilities? A: Because it is good and makes sure that they can learn something. A portion of every Toad&Co purchase contributes to creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. From opportunities at PAC to outdoor adventures, when you shop, we give. Learn more about Designed for Good.