Wear Green Every Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'll wear green to celebrate. In honor of the planet, we wear "green" every day. "Green", "eCo", "sustainable", "earth-friendly" - whatever you call it, we subscribe to the idea that you should never have to choose between living well and doing good. Our design approach is to make great clothes that last and work to lighten our collective environmental footprint. irene-davila-45777-unsplash_cropped.jpg It all starts with the fibers that make up our fabrics. Fibers, natural or man made, are the building blocks of yarns, which are then woven or knitted into the fabrics we use. We choose fibers for their various aesthetic and performance attributes and their sustainability factor. We're big fans of organic cotton, Tencel®, Modal®, recycled polyester and reclaimed wool. Fun fact: 100% of our cotton is certified organic! Once we've got our "green" building blocks, we strive to develop fabrics with just as much integrity - we call these our eCo Fabrics. We define eCo fabrics as any fabric that uses preferred "green" fibers and/or bluesign® certified fabrics. bluesign® is the "green" watchdog of the garment industry. bluesign® certification assures the use of chemicals and processes that are safe for the environment and best practices for efficient use of energy, water, emissions monitoring and worker safety. We're proud that as of spring 2019, 100% of our product is considered eCo. So go ahead and wear green on St. Patrick's Day - and every day.

Our greenest green…

S19_Day_2_22_Truck_0319_cropped.jpg Our Men's Hookline Shirt is made from 100% recycled fibers. S19_Day_1_17_Bochi_Ball_0037_cropped.jpg Our Women's Epique Short Sleeve Dress is made from all natural hemp and organic cotton that comes straight from the earth.