48 Hours in Fremont, Seattle

Seattle is the best Mix Tape there is. Each neighborhood packs a new beat - from funky discos to grungy universities to whomping techno warehouses. With no less than 127 distinct neighborhoods in the area, it's no wonder Seattle has been home to some of the most eclectic musicians of the last century (Check out our Homegrown PNW playlist on Spotify for proof). So, where to start? In the self-appointed middle: Fremont. Fremont claims to be the un-official (yet staunchly official), geographic Center of the Universe. It's a hard claim to prove, but it's just as hard to prove that it isn't... TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 Whoopie Pie. Breakfast of champions and international symbol of joy. TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 The Center of the Universe, est. 1991 at the intersection of N. Fremont Ave and N. 35th St. Now you know. TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 The Pacific Inn Pub. Come for the Captain’s Platter, stay for the locals. ryan-wilson-629442-unsplash_blog cropped_Seattle and Toadandco.jpg
Photo credit: @wlsnryn
See that grassy spot jutting out into Lake Union? That’s Gas Works Park, Fremont’s rustiest crown jewel and background for the epic paintball scene in 10 Things I Hate About You. Spoiler: That’s just Hollywood magic, there’s no paintballing here (yet). Gasworks blog collage Great for picnics (when the weather cooperates) and insta-worthy backgrounds, the 19-acre park was the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant. Upcycling at its finest! TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 The Fremont Troll, guarding the underbelly of Seattle's Aurora Bridge since 1990. #mcm TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 It’s a jungle out there. The Pacific Temperate Rainforest, along the coast from Northern California to the Gulf of Alaska, is the largest temperate rain forest on the planet. Hence the rain on some parades. TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 How we feel when we put on organic cotton tees. TOAD & CO FALL WINTER 2018 There’s no shortage of dive bars, flannels, or adventuremobiles in the PNW. F18-Day_04-JIVE RECORDS FREMONT-15606 (1)_blog cropped_Seattle ToadandCo.jpg Vinyl is alive and kickin’ at Jive Time Records. Hip-hop, blues, jazz, bossa nova, classic rock – log some spins at the turn table and find your new groove. The best part? A $5 bin that’s ripe for the pickin’. F18-Day_04-JIVE RECORDS FREMONT-15691 (1)_blog cropped_Seattle ToadandCo.jpg Back to the World, 1973. Curtis Mayfield. Fave track: “Future Shock” coffee collage When it rains, it pours over. We waited out the rain in Stone Way Café. If you pop in, tell ‘em Toad sent ya.