5 Popular Campsites Within 60 Miles of LA

It may be after Labor Day, but California summers are long. To celebrate the Indian Summer, we’re launching a three-part camping series highlighting popular campsites across California with help from our friends at TheDyrt.com (think Yelp for public campsites!). In this first post of our series, we’re focusing on 5 popular sites within 60 miles of Los Angeles, reviewed and photographed by real campers in the LA area.

1. Malibu Creek State Park Distance from LA: 35 miles

★★★★☆ “What I love the best about this place is that it's local to me as I live in Los Angeles. I was looking for a beautiful picnic spot and found it here....You should definitely come and enjoy this beautiful area. ...Even if you have a large group.” -The Dyrt user Roberto R. See more here. 586b7b440c3c3f00ae1a136dd771e309

2. Thornhill Broome Beach Distance from LA: 49 miles

★★★★★ “Do you like beach camping? I love falling asleep to the ocean. You're right on the sand. The campfire is in a metal barrel, you have a picnic table and you're on the beach. There's rocks to the left and right that are fun to explore. The plots are deep and noise wasn't really an issue. Heads up, there's no shade at the beach.” -The Dyrt user Garret M. See more here.

3. Sycamore Cove Point - Point Mugu State Park Distance from LA: 60 miles

★★★★☆ “We hiked the trails behind the campground and used the facilities while there. Everything is covered by a forest of sycamore trees that shelter and shade the campground and the bathrooms. The trails lead up to a ridge above the ocean that has beautiful vistas and others go across Highway One to the long, wide beach itself. The camping area is small and compact, appropriate for tents, pop-up campers and small RVs. The weather is either cool and cloudy (high fog) or bright, crisp and warm. The area is arid and desert like with sand dunes, cliffs and escarpment, and rocky but easy trails. A small dry creek cuts through the campground on its way to the beach. It was practically dry in May, but probably would be flowing during rainy season months of December to April. Nice family environment and populated with a lot of day visitors over the weekend.” See more here.


4. Horse Flats Campground Distance from LA: 58 miles

★★★★☆ “There are a few campgrounds in this area of the Angeles National Forest. Horse Flats is not as popular as Buckhorn, and is a little less "green" with regards to the immediate scenery. It is also quieter for this reason, which is nice. The individual sites are large and spread out from each other, so it is easy to have some privacy. Make sure to get food and firewood before you start the drive up the mountain, as there is no place to purchase such supplies near the camps.” -The Dyrt user Leslie R. See more here.

5. Gould Mesa Distance from LA: 17 miles

★★★★☆ “If you are in LA and looking for the back-country feel without a long drive, this is just a 3 mile hike or ride up the canyon from Altadena.” - The Dyrt user John M. See more here. dyrtCA Reminder: You could win a $100 Toad&Co gift card when you camp California + review your campsites on TheDyrt.com. Learn more about our campsite review contest here. Contests end September 30th, so get out there!