8 Ways to Use a Pareo

2015_Spring_HT-9564-Pareo The pareo is the greatest item of clothing you’ve never heard of. Part skirt, part accessory, part cozy blankie, the lightweight and super packable pareo is the Swiss Army Knife of your summer wardrobe. Here’s why we love it:
  • It's a skirt - It’s long enough to wrap around a few times (40” x 75”)so you don’t have to worry about it being too sheer. Short or long, whatever your preference – you’re the stylist.
  • It's a sarong - It’s got length so you can wrap it into a halter dress and a hidden pocket is perfect for a credit card or a few pesos. Beach, pool, lake, whoever the summer wind blows you.
  • It's a scarf - Bunch it up around your neck for warmth on chilly nights.
  • It's a shawl - Drape it over your shoulders when you need a light layer at the concerts in the park.
  • It's a headscarf - Protect yourself from the sun or pesky mosquitos, cover up at religious monuments, or use as an eye-mask when you’re camping.
  • It's a towel - Our pareo is made from handkerchief-light organic cotton, so it feels good and is good for the earth too. Towel off and wring it out - it dries in a jiff. See our model, Eleanor, below.
  • It's an airplane blanket - Snuggle into it or roll it into a ball for a pillow. Drafty planes and trains will never stand a chance.
  • It's a tablecloth - Poppy summer colors make for a perfect accessory to any summer festivity. Wine and cheese platter not included.
wrap-around-neck pareo-with-army-jacket pareo-purse pareo-1