A+ For Party Proof

Oh…the places our clothes will go. When we design a new dress, or pair of pants, or classic comfy T-Shirt, we try to put ourselves in the mind of the item.

How many planes, trains, bikes, and cars might I ride in a lifetime? What off-the-beaten-path places will years of adventure take me? Can I stand up to wrong turns, missed layovers, party fouls, toilet-hugging (see below) and tough conversations at work?

And on the flip side, will I thrive on mountaintops, at family reunions, on first dates, and once-in-a-lifetime moments? And just as importantly, can I receive endless compliments with ease and grace?

Our clothes have gone on a lot of adventures...and we know there are endless experiences to come. Here are a few of our favorite stories you've shared:

A+ For Party Proof (Praise for the Sunkissed Maxi Dress)

I wore this dress to a brunch bachelorette party that unfortunately resulted in hugging the toilet by 5pm (don't try to keep up with the alcohol tolerance of younger folks - you will not win). I half-consciously laid on the floor in the fetal position for a couple hours in this dress before my husband picked me up. The next morning, I noticed the dress wadded up on the floor in my room and picked it up, shook it out, and there were NO wrinkles! Obviously, I washed it before wearing it again but was very impressed by the resilience of it. It proved itself when I needed it the most- so, if you need a good travel dress that can stand the test of being wadded up in suitcases, a water-proof swimsuit cover-up, or on your bod while hugging a toilet, this dress is for you.


Summer Go To Dress (The Cue Wrap Short Sleeve Dress keeps up)

Love this dress. Nice quality fabric, pockets, short sleeves, feminine, can be dressed up for dinner or worn to the park. It is my go to dress in the summer. It is forgiving of my tummy, thighs and arms, not too short and I always feel good in it....I’m 51 with a toddler grand daughter who keeps me busy and often covered in the love of what she’s eating. This is wash and go.

-Belinda V. 

Perfect for Travel (Jetsetting in the Rosemarie Dress)

I wore this on an overnight flight recently with a pair of bike shorts underneath. Perfect. Comfortable, feminine yet sporty and not a wrinkle...it is so comfortable and with just enough style that I deem it a perfect dress for travel. Love the quality and weight of the material too. I highly recommend.

-Brenda R. 

My New Go To Dress (The Primo Tiered Midi Dress goes everywhere)

The dress is easy to dress up or down, because of this I was able to wear it all day for a casual celebration of life, 10-year anniversary party, and topgolf birthday party by only changing my shoes.

-Jennifer H.