Beyond Bubble Baths: Toad Self-Care Tips

There’s a lot going on out there. We like to keep things upbeat, but we also know what a long, ice-cream-for-dinner type of day feels like (no judgement). Caring for mental health is unique for every person; your reset button will look a bit different than your friends’. The most important part is that you take the steps to press it.
Sure, bubble baths and facials are lovely, but we like to think self-care runs deeper than that. Sometimes it actually looks like responsible grown-up stuff that ultimately helps clear the mind (think of decluttering or staying hydrated). Other times, it’s taking a break to get outside or seeing friends.
Sometimes self-care can feel like flossing: we know that we should, but it’s an extra step. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Day, here’s a few of our simplest ideas to check in on ourselves and friends.
Fresh Air and Movement – Try taking a walk around your neighborhood or local park for a change of scenery (many state parks are free on Mental Health Awareness Day!). Dig your hands into the garden. Bike around the block or kick back on the patio. Even just 10 minutes of being outside and in nature – especially when combined with movement – can boost your day.
Hydrate, Eat Well, Repeat – Never underestimate the power of drinking enough water throughout the day and enjoying a nutritious meal. Make it even easier with a pre-made meal (salad kits ftw) or delivery.
Connect – Spend some one-on-one time with your favorite furry friend. Reach out to a family member or friend. Connection, support, and love go a long way for filling the cup.
Clean Up – Tackle a small corner, whether that’s the dishes, laundry pile, or vacuuming. Even the smallest amount of tidying up can take the weight off (and tomorrow-you will say thanks).
R&R – Put on your favorite song, journal, kick back and watch a movie, escape with a good book, soak in the tub, or take an early bedtime. Breathe in, breathe out. Lean into what sounds restful.