Summon the Spirits: 10 Halloween Candy and Cocktail Pairings

When you're old enough to enjoy an adult potion, but still a kid at heart, might we suggest our 10 favorite candy and cocktail pairings (brewed in the test kitchens of Toads):  

  • Twix + Old Fashioned (make it extra haunted with dry ice) - Dip if you dare
  • Milk Duds + Buttered Bourbon Cocktail - Best paired with a cozy blanket and spooky flick
  • Starburst + Jalapeño Margarita Sweet, sour, spicy, superb
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Anything + Sangria - Like a Halloween PB&J
  • Sour Patch Kids + Mule of Your Desire Try these 8 variations on a classic Moscow Mule
  • Junior Mints + Rum Daquiri  - Bite, sip, and you've got a Mojito without the muddling
  • Atomic Fireballs + Spiked Apple CiderStir with a broom (oops, cinnamon) stick
  • Sour Lemon Mike & Ike's (or Lemon Heads) + Ginger Mint Gin & Tonic The ginger does double duty, settling the stomach during the candy crash
  • Milky Way + Negroni - For the hard-core chocolate fanatics, try a Chocolate Negroni
  • Butterfinger + PainkillerRum, coconut, and nutmeg balance the peanut and buttery richness

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