Designed for Good Diaries: Tracey

In 1997 we co-founded the Planet Access Company (PAC), a full-functioning warehouse that trains and employs adults with disabilities. We offer top-notch career opportunities in our warehouse and take folks on life-changing trips to the great outdoors. A portion of every Toad&Co purchase goes toward supporting this cause. Meet PAC employee Tracey Beesley. She's been a QA Returns Specialist at PAC since March 2015. Q: What do you like about your job? A: I love it! I have good hours and got a good raise. I like being on a team, I like having my own workstation and having my own key for the gate. I like working with my team members and I like my boss. Q: What is different for you now that you have a job? A: I have more friends now. I am making more money and I feel proud of myself every day. I am learning more and new things and have something nice to do every day. Having my job makes me proud and makes me happy to smile. Q: Why is it important for businesses to hire people with disabilities? A: Because we are good workers and I am one of them. We work hard and always try to make our goals. We will get done what needs to get done.