International Women's Day: Toads Hyping Toads

At Toad, we believe in hyping women, whether they’re shredding on the mountain or killing it at work. That’s why this Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the many ladies who make our company rock. 

Guin - “I’m hyping up Kelly. She's an Excel wizard, always eager to help everybody, and great to share a beer with!”

Summer - “My hype woman is Zoe. Not only does she kill it at marketing, but she also has a really cute dog, and she’s a great friend.”

Eva - "Megan F...I aspire to live the life that she lives with all her animals on a big ol’ farm in the Pacific Northwest, and even though she works remotely she's still great at being part of the team.”

Lilian - "Guin and Helena are overall amazing women and inspiring designers.”

Helena - “My hype woman is Sarah P., for so many reasons. Her infectious energy and she blesses us with sweet Mabel [her dog] in the office.”

Jenny - “Megan N. has been very open to all of my questions since day 1. She has been so helpful to me, as a new employee, to feel that I can go to someone and ask anything. She always has a really positive attitude.”

Tessa - “Holly is the world's best coworker, she has a heart of pure gold, and she is very willing to help out when you ask."

Sydney - “My Hype woman is SJ, she is very caring, kind, and smart. She is a great manager."