How We Hangover: Life Lessons from the Toads

Did you know January 1 is National Hangover Day (makes sense, right)? 

In honor of this day of rest and recovery, we compiled some of the Toads' best hangover tips – along with a few snaps from our early December holiday party (spoiler: we love a theme). Give these a try and see if they cure what ails ya. 

Sarah P.
A bagel (or two) toasted with cream cheese.


Step 1: Gatorade (or healthier electrolyte-filled liquid) & Excedrin
Step 2: A good laugh at memory/picture of previous night’s events
Step 3: Egg & cheese muffin or croissant (whichever is easiest to track down)
Step 4: A soda with ice
Step 5: Couch time
Step 6: 4 oz of the drink which caused the hangover
Boom! You’re like new.
Sarah M.
Pretend you're not hungover. If you say it to enough people, you'll start to believe it yourself. Sweat it out with a workout, then a good ole' burger and fries and hair of the dog.



Eat and sleep for 2 days. Mixed in with some Thai food and a glass of wine.


A good breakfast burrito, comfy sweatpants and a little bit of Netflix binge (and lots of water) usually does the trick.


Sprite and a dunk in the nearest body of water.
Tailwind Nutrition is my go to! The subtle berry flavor is my fav, and it is way more drinkable than water.
Grin and bear it...and eat as many bagels as possible.
A blue Gatorade, always!
Lots of electrolytes and sleep it off.