International Dreamweaver: Kevin Leffler

When it comes to manifesting your dreams, you need to dream big and trust that the world’s your oyster. We could all take some pointers from Kevin Leffler. After busting his hump apprenticing everywhere from Pennsylvania to Oregon and stops in between, he decided to firmly plant himself in the mountain town of Lake Tahoe, CA. One doesn’t usually associate ski-towns with exquisite, luxury footwear brands, but when that’s where you “feel most alive, most creative and most inspired,” that is precisely where you hang your hat. Check out Kevin’s artistry at Featuring Leffler Bespoke Shoes & Leather Goods F17-Day4-01-Shop-Shoes-KevinCCO16671.jpg F17-Day4-01-Shop-Shoes-KevinCCO16620.jpg F17-Day4-01-Shop-Shoes-KevinCCO16763.jpg