Let's Taco 'Bout It: 10 Fantas-taco Recipes

The day we've been waiting for all year has finally arrived! It's National Taco Day and that means there's one thing on the agenda— eating tacos. So get creative and whip up something spec-taco-lar with one of these 10 fantas-taco recipes.

*For the sake of our vegan friends, these recipes are meat agnostic. Choose your protein, lace on the flavor.

  1. The Hawaiian - Pineapple, mango, and citrus garnish are the hallmark of this zesty variety.
  2. The Vindaloo - Seasoned with spices like cardamom, coriander and turmeric, this taco is fused with the best Indian flavors.
  3. The Apple Slaw - Imagine Pico De Gallo with apple bits mixed in for added sweetness. Trust us, it works.
  4. The Fiesta - Tequila and lime dressing give this taco added kick that will make you want to jump up on the table and dance.
  5. The Spicy-queen - Jalapeño, lime, cilantro and a dash of habanero pepper (if you dare)
  6. The Irishman - Protein braised in Guinness and cream, this taco is otherworldly.
  7. The Kogi - Is that kimchi and sriracha that make this taco so delicious? Yes it is.
  8. The Mediterranean - It's the feast from the east with cucumber, tzatziki and avocado hummus.
  9. The Pom - Simply sprinkle pomegranate seeds on any of the above and you might have a winner.
  10. El Jefe - The all time classic. We're talkin' guac, sour cream, lettuce, salsa and a delightfully crispy shell. The truth is in the ingredients.