Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America has observed Mental Health Month in May—and after two plus years of pandemic life, uncertainty, and global crisis, prioritizing your mental health is more important than ever. So take this as a reminder to make time and space for your well-being this month (and every month). Here are a few tips, from the experts (and a few from us). 

Mental Health Resources from the Pros

And though we like to think of ourselves as strong self-care advocates, we're by no means download the "Back to Basics" Mental Health Toolkit from MHA (the real experts) for resources on staying mentally healthy.

Female sitting atop a boulder meditating

Meditation 101 From Toad Natalie

When it comes to self care and wellness, we're big fans of meditation at Toad. Whether you're new to it or an experienced practitioner, there are so many mental and physical benefits of meditation it's hard to list them all (but we tried to here). In this blog post by Toad Natalie, you'll learn about the many benefits of meditation, plus how to get started (did you know there are many different types of meditation?! Natalie shares 8 of the most fundamental ones). 
And if 8 kinds of meditation is feeling intimidating, start here with our "Beginner's Guide to Meditation," also written by Toad Natalie (our Sustainable Materials master and in-house meditation expert). 
tree in a field

Spend Time Outside

No surprise here...Getting outside can also have a huge positive effect on both mental and physical health (like lower blood pressure, increased focus, and reduced cortisol levels, to name a few) – and while a grand trip to a national park isn't always accessible to everyone, it can be as simple as a stroll around the block or getting out for a quick boost of sunshine. The outdoors are so beneficial, in fact, that in some places, doctors are prescribing time in nature and visits to national parks as part of patient treatment. We hope this is a trend that continues!