Moms: The Original Fashion Icons

Moms, dog moms, aunts, grandmas, step moms, and mom-figures – we see you and we appreciate your fashion prowess. Happy Mother's Day from Team Toad (and our moms)!

Tracy, Sydney's mom

Fashion advice: "Dress to impress yourself."

Fashion regret: "Hmmm... wish I could wear heels."

Trend she hopes never comes back: "Shoulder pads!"

Carrie, Zoe's mom

Trends she's hoping never make a comeback (though some of which already have): "I'm hoping jelly shoes never make a comeback. I would say mom jeans, but they are so popular now! I'm also dreading the day that 80s rock hair and shoulder pads come back into style." 

Susan, Sarah and Kelly's mom

Best fashion advice: "Don't be afraid to lean in. Zig when they zag." 

Trends she hopes never come back: "Kind of wish they would all come back (and excited some already are)! Ditsy floral, pop colors and collars." 

Judy, Christina's mom

Favorite fashion moments: "This jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces of clothing I owned. It was vintage from the 80s in the early 90s."

Biggest fashion regret: "Gigantic shoulder pads!!"

What trends she hopes don't come back: "I know printed leggings, white socks and big white tennies are back, but you won't see me wearing them again."

Cheryl, Steve's mom

Fashion advice: "Wear things that make you feel confident and/or beautiful."

Fashion regret: "I wish I wore more hats! I've always loved hats but they weren't truly in fashion where I lived, so I regret not wearing them for myself and trying to please everyone else."

Trend she hopes never comes back: "Big shoulder pads! I never cared for them at all."