New Year, Same Us: Toad Resolutions

Feels like a good time to hit the refresh button, don't you think? If you're looking for some inspiration in the resolution department, take it from the Toads.

Holly: I'm looking forward to getting in more hikes in 2021 (and putting my favorite Timehop Light Tights to good use). 

Lucas: My resolution is to replace short car rides with bike rides (ready for anything in my Toad mask, of course). I've got the whole fam onboard for this one.  

Lucinda: One of my 2021 goals is to perfect my pie crust technique. My pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving was good, but the crust sure needed improvement. I'll get there!

Steve: I'm aiming for more houseplants in 2021. This last year spent at home made me realize you can really never have too much greenery.

SJ: Make more zero-waste meals. I've been getting inspiration from Max La Manna, and am super excited to try even more of his recipes. 

Sarah: I'm determined to start composting this year. Taking any and all tips for success!

Joanna: Don't forget 2020's lessons – hug friends and family when you can, keep free time in the schedule, give back, and say "yes" when you can.