Our Favorite Road – ahem, Toad – Trip Tips

Summer and road trips go together like spring and flowers. We’re talking sun on the dashboard, tunes cranked, and adventure on the mind. 
Road trip feeling extra-long? We’ve got your back when the playlist starts repeating, snacks are running low, and the next rest stop is miles away.
Here’s a few of our favorite tips to melt the miles:
  • Parks & Trails > Rest Stops – Get some fresh air, movement, and a break! Stopping at a low-key trail or local park is a great way to mix up the typical rest stop. Go for a short walk or check out a small town you otherwise would have missed. We like to use apps like AllTrails to seek out spots. 
  • Stay Hydrated – Bring an extra-large reusable bottle to sip on. If you run dry, it can usually be refilled at gas stations or fast food restaurants (look for the water option on the soda machine).
  • Cruise Control – We’re all about doing what we can to lower our footprint, especially when traveling. Research shows that (generally) cruise control can save on gas mileage and reduce fuel emissions. Score!
  • Podcasts – Load up your listens before you head out in case cell service is spotty. It’s a great way to break up the music rotation.
  • Layers – Whether you run cold or the sun shade isn’t blocking all of the rays, layers take the cake for versatility. Bonus points for an outfit that's comfy enough to ride AND see sights in! (Hint: We have a few travel-friendly outfit ideas that’ll keep you comfy in the middle seat).