Putting an End to Acrylic

Let's cut to the chase: We never use acrylic. Not in our sweaters, not in our shirtjacs, not in our jackets – not anywhere! Acrylic fibers were invented in the 1940s as the cheap alternative to wool, and when something is cheap, it generally has a less-than-stellar footprint. Here's the acrylic hit list: • Acrylic uses large quantities of chemical, water and energy to create. • Hydrogen cyanide is a big byproduct when creating acrylic; that makes it an occupational hazard. (In fact: no companies in the US or EU make acrylic because of its toxicity to workers). • Acrylic is nearly impossible to recycle; the fibers cannot be shredded and upcycled into new fabrics. Only full pieces of fabric can be recycled – and that's assuming they have lasted long enough to BE recycled! • It's a very weak fiber in comparison to real wool; acrylic garments tend to have higher pilling and less durability than wool. Our alternative is simple: We use REAL wool. • Wool is durable and long lasting • Naturally moisture-wicking and water repellent (mind blowing, but true) • Thermo-regulating • Grown by our sheep friends in non-toxic or occupationally hazardous ways • 100% recyclable terra-evans-721297-unsplash_blog And when it comes down to it, natural just feels better. Natural fibers breathe better than synthetic fibers, inherently wick moisture away from the body, and if they're harvested properly, are better for the planet. We're proud to say that 100% of our merino wool is certified non-mulesed (which means sheared in a non-harmful way), or recycled (because recycled fibers are the true sustainability gold standard). With options like that, who needs acrylic?