Supporting the Wild Places We Love

This year marks our 20th year as an outdoor brand and our 11th year as members of The Conservation Alliance. The Conservation Alliance is a group of outdoor businesses who come together to support grassroots organizations working to protect threatened wild places throughout North America. Since the outdoors inspire us to live and work and play everyday, we recognize our responsibility to help protect the lands and waterways that we rely on. Working with The Conservation Alliance is one of the most direct ways that we can make a difference. Every year, Alliance members (meaning each employee at Toad&Co and other member companies!) vote for nominee organizations to receive Alliance grants. The grants come from a fund that member companies collectively contribute to each year. When you shop Toad&Co, we give a portion to the Conservation Alliance. So you're a big part of the conservation effort, too. This year, 20 important conservation projects have been awarded grants to continue their efforts to protect wild lands and waterways. As avid nature lovers and members of the Conservation Alliance, we Toads are proud to do our part to protect wild places for future generations. Thanks for supporting our causes, we couldn't do it without you. W16_GRANT_Annoucement_Facebook For more information on the 20 organizations and their conservation projects, visit