To Badass Women, We Salute You

Total transparency: We're feminists over here at Toad. We believe in the equality of the sexes and that every woman - no matter her race, religion, age or identity - should have the opportunity to be as badass as she wants to be. We're inspired every day by female athletes and scientists who are pushing the outdoor industry to be more inclusive, and by the women who get up every day with the intention of shattering the glass ceiling. Take a look around - you're probably in the presence of greatness right now. Check out these podcasts for some daily inspiration, courtesy of five incendiary women.

"A bike is a universally understood mode of transportation."

Rebecca Rusch, Endurance Athlete and Adventure Racer

Rebecca Rusch has a "First Female Ascent" climbing El Capitan, she's river boarded the Grand Canyon, and her most recent bike journey took her 1,200 miles along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in search of her father’s crash site during the Vietnam War. She's one epic woman. //

"It's important to have a connection to your own story."

Devyn Bisson, Documentary Film Maker

At just 25 years old, Devyn Bisson is a helluva storyteller. She's produced and created several award-winning films, including The Wave I Ride, about big wave female surfers, and Lighthouse Molyvos, a short film about lifeguards in the Syrian Refugee Crisis. //

"Manifestation has to be met with some form of action."

Becky Mendoza and Emi Koch, Environmental and Social Advocates

Becky Mendoza is the founder of the Changing Tides Foundation, and Emi Koch created Beyond the Surface International. Both non-profits connect travelers to causes that give back to local communities and create positive, lasting change. //

"Be the biggest version of what you perceive your vision to be."

Norah Eddy, Sustainability Innovator & Businesswoman

Norah Eddy connects you to your food. Co-founder of sustainable seafood company Salty Girl Seafood, Norah has taken on a male dominated industry and created a mission-based company. Her goal? To use business to improve the health of our oceans. That's one big ripple effect. // All podcasts produced in partnership with the Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast.