Toad Holiday Traditions

If there's one thing to know about the Toads, it's that we love a good costume party. So when it comes to holiday traditions, our annual holiday party is right on brand: Each year, we pick a theme, head up the mountain to Cold Spring Tavern (if you know, you know) and dance to a live band all night. The next day's traditions consist of breakfast burritos, holiday movies, lots of Gatorade, and maybe a little less work than your average day. 

Since this year's festivities aren't happening as usual, we're taking a trip down memory lane - and asked a few of the Toads about their favorite holiday traditions, too. 


Steve, Marketing
"As my sister and I got older, we made a family holiday card rule: Over the top or nothing at all."
Megan, Customer Service
"Trips to the store in matching jammies (usually on the hunt for mimosa ingredients) are a Christmas Day ritual in our family."
Christina, Marketing
"A huge group of family friends bar crawls via trolley in San Francisco. We get dressed up, crank up the holiday tunes, and hit the same bars across the city. We have a spot for Irish coffees, a spot for Bloody Marys, you get the idea...We've been doing the same route for so long, the bartenders expect our arrival, and we have a trolley driver who's (amazingly) stuck with us for years."
Guin, Design
"In Minnesota, we have lots of friends and family who live on lakes. As soon as we get the first solid ice, we throw a skate party!"
We want to hear from you! What's your favorite holiday tradition that you're looking most forward to picking back up next year? Upload a photo to Instagram with a caption explaining your tradition, make sure to tag us at @toadandcoclothing, and you could win a gift card!