"Don't Skimp on the Brush & Detangler" (Wisdom from dads at Toad)

Dads, Uncles, Dog Dads, Stepdads, Grandpas, and those guys in your life who just give darn good advice – we appreciate you this Father's Day and every day. Here are a few words of wisdom from dads at Toad.

Lucas, Dad to Lily, on hair: "Organic detangler, don't skimp on the brush, and it's worth your time to learn to braid."

Steve, Dad to Dylan and Elise, on kitchen tools: "Cookie cutters make everything more fun (eggs, toast, sandwiches, cheese...)."

Shane, Dad to Rori, on supply: "Enough diapers is never enough diapers."

Kyle, Dog Dad to Lincoln, on life: "I live by the same credo as my dog so it works well for the both of us. As much outside time as possible and LOTS of snacks."

Gordon, Dad to Hannah and Megan, on making time:  “Make the time for shared experiences; coaching, night time stories, powder days, travel adventures…they will be the lasting memories for all of you.”