The Boundless Life: Meet Toad Anthony

When our Design team put their heads together to dream up the Boundless Collection, they had adventure in mind. A closet full of Boundless means you've got clothes that are durable enough to withstand long, fun-filled summer days, and comfortable enough to lounge in afterward. With just enough personality to keep things exciting and in a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester (ie: old plastic bottles), Boundless has a little somethin' for everything (Mother Nature included).

And at Toad&Co HQ, no one loves Boundless more than our Graphic Designer, Anthony (seriously, he has 18 pairs of Boundless Shorts and 1 pair of Boundless Pants and we all just found out he rocks the shorts under his pants regularly). When we asked him why he sports his Boundless on the daily, it hit us: Because Anthony lives a Boundless life. And when you live a busy, Boundless, no limits life, you don't have a lot of time to think about your clothes – you have your favorites, you stick with 'em, and they get you to all the places you need to go.

So meet Anthony, the creative mind behind everything visual at Toad, enjoyer of life, certified yoga teacher, and aficionado of all things Boundless.

Toad&Co Graphic Designer Anthony standing in front of his bicycle on a Santa Barbara streetPhoto credit: @donbrubaker via @boomboombikeroom

Toad&Co: Describe your job to an alien who just touched down on Planet Earth. 

Anthony: Peace✌️ Welcome to Santa Barbara! (After a little small talk, I'd give 'em a few places I like to eat, drink and hang, and we'd eventually get to the topic of my job). I'm a Graphic Designer at a small but mighty clothing company. I work on retail and marketing assets, digital ads, emails, and catalogs. The company's cool, great clothing, and pretty awesome environmental and social missions...And I work with a bunch of my friends! 🤙

Toad: As your friends...we know you're always busy supporting local businesses, socializing, cruising, working, etc. Give us a snapshot of a week in your life. 

Anthony: Days are usually spent pedaling all around town, hanging with friends and their kiddos, cruising by the beach; and if it's not too cold, taking a dip. Waking up and getting to the top of Inspiration Point (great SB hike, for anyone visiting) for sunrise 🌄 before work, then striking up a conversation at the local coffee shops and restaurants (this town's got a few gems). Rinse and repeat.  

Toad&Co employee Anthony riding his bike on pavement in front of trees

Toad: What does living a Boundless Life mean to you?

Anthony: It sounds cliché to say "enjoying the outdoors" or "living the best version of ourselves," but it's the truth. Enjoying the outdoors, really taking the time to enjoy our special home (some people say that time even slows down when we're in nature) and even if we never get to the top of Everest we can for sure get high enough to enjoy the view and some cosmic vibrations. ✨ Because we're all capable of more than we think...truly boundless. 

Toad&Co Graphic Designer Anthony giving a peace sign and standing in front of his bicycle amongst trees

Toad: Any big plans for this summer?

Anthony: Pedaling around town, soaking up the sun with friends and family, a little training for Mt. Whitney backpacking trip, summer at The Bowl (iykyk), and happy hours on a cliff overlooking the ocean all sound pretty good to me. 

Toad: Why do you love the Boundless Collection so much? 

Anthony: I'm a Californian through and through, and fortunate enough to work and live in a place that's pretty amazing when it comes to weather – so a t-shirt and shorts is the uniform for me. The Boundless Shorts fit great, comfortable waistband, dry quickly, just enough stretch, and perfect for jaunts around town on the bike (throw on your favorite 3/4 tights underneath and you're cycle ready 🚴‍♀️💨💨💨, then ditch the tights and you're on your way to stellar happy hour hangs). I usually wear the shorts under my 501s or Boundless Pants, just in case the day starts chilly and so I'm always ready for the water. Oh, and the zip pocket is clutch! Lighter, cards, and ID safe and secure for take off 🚀 (just remember to remove said items before jumping in the water). 

Toad: The Boundless life means enjoying our time on this Earth, but doing our best to treat her with kindness, too (we design and produce all our clothes to have the lowest environmental impact possible for a reason). What's your #1 tip for living more sustainably? 


Anthony: Wear often, wash less (a whole lot less). The Boundless Shorts are great multi-wear shorts (especially if you've got a few pairs). 

Toad: What's your life motto?

Anthony: Know better. Do better. And we'll be just fine.