Breathable and silky smooth, cellulosic at its best.

Not all cellulosic textiles are sustainable (lookin’ at you, rayon and bamboo), but Lenzing Modal® is a sustainable cellulosic fiber from start to finish. Lenzing® is an Austrian company that’s revolutionizing sustainable fabrics by focusing on sustainable harvesting and clean manufacturing. The bulk of Lenzing Modal® comes from renewable beech trees which grow quickly, don’t rely on artificial irrigation, and actually propagate on their own. 
Even better, Lenzing recovers and reuses 80% of solvents and makes them into non-toxic by-products like common cleaning products. Win, win. The finished product is a fabric that’s uber soft, long-lasting, and about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. When blended, Lenzing Modal® adds a silky feel to our performance fabrics for a dreamy next to skin comfort – sans pesticides and harmful chemicals.



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Choosing sustainability isn't the easy route, it's the only route.

The apparel industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on Earth. The solution? Go sustainable, or go nude. Minimizing our environmental impact and helping clean up the apparel industry is an integral part of our business ethos.

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