Let's Get Circular

AKA “let’s use up good materials and products instead of tossing them in landfills.”

What is the circular economy?

Simply put, a circular system focuses on growth, steers us away from using finite resources, and eliminates waste by promoting resources that can be funneled back into the system. Because when you throw something “away,” there’s really no such place.

If your clothes are “circular,” it means they’ve been designed and produced to last a looong time, and then can be recycled, renewed, or upcycled when they’re no longer functional. We're all for circular fashion.

Here's how we are supporting the Circular Economy

Out with the New, in with the Old

Producing new apparel – especially denim – uses a lot of water, energy and materials. So what better way to help the planet than continuing to wear the clothing that has already been produced? We've curated a line of our favorite vintage finds. Good for your closet, and good for the planet. 
Vintage Goods

How to DIY a Raw Hem

For Your Vintage Denim

Reusable Mailers

Roughly 165 billion packages are shipped in the U.S. each year, which equals more than 1 billion trees and 140 billion gallons of water used. Big thumbs down to that, but here’s the good news: We’ve partnered with LimeLoop to offer sustainable, reusable shipping—made from recycled billboards.

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